Sunset as seen from Monterey Peninsula College library

Three more days until Spring Break. Until then, I’m stuck in the library.


ARCHIVE: The Vintage Traveler at MYHABIT

What a great sale! ARCHIVE: The Vintage Traveler at MYHABIT.

St. Patty’s Day Ride

Get your party hat! And your Barbie bike.

Good luck?

Count ’em. Not three, not four, a five-leaf clover!

Green Waffles & Green Eggs

Happy St. Patty’s Day! I woke up before Jonny this morning and had time to whip up green whole grain waffles with oats, chopped pecans and sprinkles and green scrambled eggs. Plus maple flavored veggie sausage paddies. Food coma in 5…4…3…

Costco’s Superfood Salad

Excited to try this salad blend I picked up from Costkizzle the other day. My husband and I are trying to eat really healthy lately and so we do our best to sneak veggies in where we can. I’m a pescatarian (sp?) so it’s a little easier for me. Let’s just not tell him there’s kale and brussel sprouts in there.

Hand made scarves from Turkey

Check out Asuman’s Etsy site. She’s having a 20% off¬†Valentine’s Day Sale with coupon code: sale20.

IMG_1315IMG_1289 IMG_1451

Alice in Wonderland

American Museum of Art

December Sunset

Del Monte Beach at sunset

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