Julia Morgan home estate sale

Husband and I went to our first estate sale. We showed up at 8:55 am and there was already a mass of people waiting to get in. No surprise, since it was a home designed by the famous Julia Morgan, and the man who lived there was 90+ years old and had a number of collections – radios, cameras, etc.

Anyway, you could tell the crowd was full of hoarders. Really, what do all those old people need at their age? And there was a small gathering of hipsters. Thick, plastic eyewear, skinny jeans, oversized coats… No wait, that was me. There were actual hipsters there, buying up old cameras and whatever else it is that hipsters like to buy at estate sales.

So what did we find? A big fat nothing, that’s what. The only thing of interest was a large mid-century buffet, but naturally it was sold by the time we pushed our way through the crowds into the living room.

This was our first estate sale, but I don’t think it will be our last.

S’all for now. Off to an open house and then a hike in Pfieffer State Park.


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