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Hell A

My old stomping grounds, blanketed in a chemical haze. Monterey es muy better. Mom said there’s nothing but blue skies and sunshine there today. Maybe if this bus to Disneyland would hurry up, my heart would at least have some sunshine.


Tomorrow Yesterday

A little D-land with the fam.

some white bar stools on craigslist

priced a little too high, i would say, but groovy nonetheless

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um, hello!!!!! i’d pour some salad dressing on THAT!

not only was Paul Newman a total stud, he also had an adorable pooch who looks not unlike our baby Willow!!!

happy times arriving soon

I have 1.5 more weeks of work and then it’s good-bye Monterey, helllllloooooo Disneyland. I’m headed down with Cousin G and Brother K and Niece S for some good old fashion fun! I look forward to browsing Tomorrowland for hints of mid-century modern.

And then it’s off to D.C. with the husband and babydog Willow, where I plan on scoping out the modernist neighborhoods in the area and this sure-to-be-kitschy exhibit in Arlington: Elevator to the Moon: Retro-Future Visions of Space.


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our baby

We have become those weird dog people. She sleeps in our bed and goes just about everywhere with us. We go to dog-friendly restaurants – LBP! – and order organic dog food on We are even going to take Willow to DC, because – gasp! – we wouldn’t want her to miss us, and of course, she wants to meet her paternal grandparents and tour the National Mall. Now, if only I can convince hubby that Willow needs a friend, we’d be a happy family of four… no, five. Can’t forget our other baby, Ruby, the lovebird.

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