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A whole lotta baggage

Jonny, my dear, bought me the vintage clutch (Georgetown Flea) and the color-blocking Anne Klein clutch (Macy’s). My mother in law gave me the silver purse (Goodwill). We found the 1960s coral colored suitcase being given away on Lorcom Lane!


A Gentleman’s Read – good for the mamas, too

Ketel One recently launched new online lifestyle magazine for men called ‘A Gentleman’s Read’ with contributors from Another Something, Dezeen, Gilt Taste, On Plate Still Hungry, Portable, Post-New, The Boilermaker and Trendland among a slew of others. They call it a  “shot of inspiration for the man who wants to make a difference.” It’s kinda sexy, no?

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i dunno, are these “big sur” pillows to you?


Interior designerLeo Parrella has launched a series of handmade pillows reflecting the California-Global aesthetic. Leo’s believes in luxury, layers and comfort, using bold graphic patterns, rich colors and sumptuous fabrics. Each pillow is fitted with a down/feather insert. Prices range from $150 to $500 depending on size and collection This is his “Big Sur” line. What do you think? Does this say Big Sur to you?

KRUPS Silver Art Collection

So many kitchen appliances are boooooring, but these from the Krups Silver Art collection are mucho sexy and add a modern feel. Although we already have a toaster oven this regular toaster is sleek and might be a future impulse purchase.

KRUPS Silver Art Collection, $80-$300:

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Guest Submission: Jonny Schmeckles spots a typewriter

Mah vintage-loving friends are on the lookout for groovy things for me and them. This isn’t the typewriter of my dreams but it gives me hope that they’re out there.

More from my LA trip

A big church in downtown

Is this ever you?

Sometimes I feel like the world is shitting on me. But not today. Today I’m thankful for my wonderful family and my snuggly Chihuahua and for my supportive husband. And for the vivid foliage of an East Coast spring.

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