Monthly Archives: June 2012

A Precious Pink Powderoom

Another peep at a retro bathroom submitted by J Schmeckles.



Or have you ever seen the sunset from Nepenthe’s patio. Definitely worth the $14+ for a tofu burger.

Andrew Molera State Park

Have you ever seen the purple sands of Andrew Molera beach? What an incredible work of nature!

Strawberry Shortcake Push-Pops

A special homemade treat. Mom used cake, strawberry sauce, custard, whipped cream and fresh berries. Oooooh la la!

A dainty green bowl

Found this on a thrifting spree with Nanie at the SPCA benefit shop. It’s perfect for my new desk.

Sorry, I used my computer to take this photo. Not the best quality.

A retro bathroom

Another submission from Jonny Schmeckles. He has an affinity for the retro almost more than I do.

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