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Long Island Beach House Dining Room

Go bold or go home! Salmon pink painted walls, fabric wallpaper, Chinese accents… A whole lot going on here…


Long Island Beach House Livingroom

I love orange but this pushes the limit.

Honeymoon 2.0 Part 1: Quogue

Jonny and I are embarking on our Honeymoon 2.0. Don’t get me wrong, the 8-day RV trip through the beautiful American Southwest was incredibly romantic and really fun. I loved every minute of it and would do the same trip again given the opportunity. However, the reason why we opted for that trip was because we had very little time off, making international travel a non option. Now, almost 10 months after the wedding, we have some time off and are headed to my favorite country in the world, Italy. We started our trip on Long Island visiting Jonny’s grandparents in Quogue. We had some very beautiful days there, most I spent lazily lounging and reading by the pool. (Addicted to Hunger Games? Uh, YEAH!)

Shark Attacks Design in Hamptons

Grandpa caught this scary hammerhead and mounted it on the wall, more like a beachy design element than a ostentatious trophy. More Long Island photos to come.

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