Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mid-Century Homes in NW DC

Strolling through one of the city’s rare mid-century modern neighborhoods. It was as hot as H-bomb!


Save Shelby!

Shelby is a very special pooch. She loves kids and has the distinguished honor of passing a number of dog manners classes, filling her bandana with special badges of achievement, including the badge for Sit and Stay and Friendly with Other Dogs. She absolutely loved Savannah and I know Jonny would love little Shelby. The hard part is getting my old man to the SPCA…

Loves at the SPCA

I feel like there’s only a little more convincing needed for Puppy Number 2 to enter our lives. See Exhibit A: Faith, the 13-lb terrier mix who wants to spend all in your lap. She would be a perfect addition to our family but Jonny, the responsible one, says we should wait. I say, we’ll see about that.

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